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New Jersey Courier Service

We respond well to Central/Northern NJ and Newark (EWR) Airport. Southern NJ may take us longer to respond to. Do you have freight/packages going to or coming out of New York/CT Airports? As an Authorized Representative with the TSA, we can be your first or last leg carrier for your Airport shipments.

So for our neighbors in NY, MA, NJ, and RI if you have freight in CT coming to you we can be very responsive. If you have freight coming from your state to CT, we can help but response times may be longer. Please call us and we will give you truthful service timelines to handle your shipment.

We also travel much further out. Washington DC, Maine, VA, PA and beyond are all areas we deliver to.

American Citizenship needed to deliver to Government or Military Locations?
We can help. Call us with your needs and we will quote you pricing and service timelines.

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